Friday, June 20, 2014

Poison ivy + gloves

After this incident, I became extremely careful about wearing nitrile gloves at field sites with poison ivy. So then what happens?

(I know it's a strange photo - I have my wrists up-turned and jammed together and the angle makes it look like I have a bizarrely skinny right arm)

I have two theories:

1. I was juggling a bunch of gear, some of which likely sat on/knocked against poison ivy plants. When I collected everything in my arms, the urishiol (oil) got transferred to the inside of my wrists.

2. It was hot out. I had sweat pouring out from under my gloves every time I raised my hands. That moisture represented a gap in my skin's defenses, so that's why I got the blisters there.

I like theory 2. I had a short sleeve shirt and the scratches on my arms to show that I blundered into just about everything. But I have only a few stray bumps near the scratches.

Luckily, I'm still working through the giant tub of prescription steroid cream I got in grad school for just such an occasion.

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geogavino said...

Sweat is also warm, perhaps helping to expand the skin and open up pores in addition to providing a transport mechanism.