Wednesday, January 24, 2018

field clothing closet

I have recently moved to a new place, and now I finally have adequate closet space for all of my clothing (fieldwork, office, casual, fancy)! I also inherited closet organization systems that I have no interest in changing or upgrading.

So here's how I've organized it:

Full-size closet #1 (field gear):

1. top shelf: field sweaters, hats, and non-bib style coveralls
2. 2nd shelf: bandanas, lightweight pants
3. 3rd shelf: bras, socks, mid-weight pants (like regular carhartts)
4. hangers underneath 3rd shelf: all the shirts. So many shirts. long-sleeve tees acceptable as outerwear, long-sleeved underlayers, short-sleeve tees acceptable as outerwear, short-sleeve tees only acceptable as undershirts...
5. hangers with more space beneath: all outerwear (pants, tops) and jacket-like items (vests, fleeces)
6. floor: everything else that I don't really use and bib-style coveralls on top of/in field duffel bags

Hall closet

Non field coats, hats, gloves, miscellaneous sporting items (snowshoes, trekking poles, skates, etc) 

Little closet (regular clothing):

I took this one over so I could get ready for work without disturbing my sweetie. It has almost all of my standard office and hanging around stuff, including underwear, socks, etc, with a few exceptions that are in...

Full-size closet #2 (formal stuff and miscellany):

Jeans (because I ran out of room in the little bedroom closet), pajamas, all the shoes that aren't in the pile close to the front door, suits, skirts, dresses, and my sweetie's entire wardrobe.

I remember squashing most of this stuff into a single closet and under the bed when I was in grad school, and I am so glad I don't have to do that any more.

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