Monday, July 28, 2008

who am I?

I graduated from a small liberal arts college (SLAC) right when the bottom fell out of the job market. After some panic and a few missteps, I found myself employed as a geologist in an environmental consulting firm. I was bright eyed and annoyingly enthusiastic, but I quickly ran up against some things that suck.

My first major problem is one I've had all my life. I am short. I have always looked much, much younger than I actually am. People tell me, "oh, wait until you're older and then you'll appreciate it"...still waiting! So here I was, nervous little recent grad, and I got to go out and tell drillers who'd been working longer than I'd been alive how to do stuff my way. And I looked like I was 14.

That didn't go over so well.

Then, I discovered managers with their heads up their asses, malevolent competitors, and contamination that just will not go where it's supposed to go, dammit!
The impulse is to write about things that suck because that's what gets you worked up. If it's a beautiful day and I'm not, um, trying to finish my thesis, I'm going to be outside, enjoying life and not posting. I will try not to make every single post a bitch fest, because out in real life, I am having a terrific time. Mostly.

So, to start things off on a positive note, here are some things I like:

Custom kilts with beer holders. I also like beer. I saw these at a scottish fest ( and they kick ass in black leather. Not very authentic, though.

Claymores (from same Scottish fest - This one is almost as tall as me, which means I would look super cool swinging it dementedly.

Pouty, blue-eyed, not-straight rock stars

I think what we have learned from this little exercise is that I should have been born a boy. *
*just kidding! I am actually fine with being female, thanks.


Anonymous said...

Liking beer, claymores and Placebo does not mean you should have been born a boy. In fact, a quick internet search will reveal just how common these likes are among girls, especially girls on the internet.

Short Geologist said...

duly noted...blogspot doesn't have a little sarcasm signifier yet, unfortunately. I changed the post.