Tuesday, August 12, 2008

indoor voices

I'm sorely tempted to add a label for "rants", but I'm afraid I'd be tagging every post.

Back to the issue at hand...

I have been working diligently (or procrastinating) in my office at school for a good part of the summer. The problem is that my office is right next to a lab where several young women work, and due to some quirks of this space, I can hear every friggin' word. They sound like undergrads or very young grad students. Anyway, I am trying to concentrate on work that is necessary but boring, and all I can hear is this high-pitched, echoing chatter, which seems to be pitched to a precise frequency to drive me crazy. The "ping" of their equipment and the periodic door slamming (does nobody know how to close a door quietly?) pales in comparison.

Does this make me a bad feminist? Or merely an irritable one?

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