Monday, September 22, 2008

&#$% computer!

I've been working away in advance of another big deadline. I'm further behind than I planned because after my last post, I was writing away when I hit a button or something, a screen popped up that I didn't recognize, and I closed it without saving and found that I'd lost all my work for the last 6 hours.

Yep, I had been working all day on a file and I hadn't saved it once because I was so friggin' focused on what I was doing, I never closed things down to take a break. I was pretty unhappy, to say the least, when I got back out to the folder list and saw the that the last version my computer had was from the previous day.

Luckily, I lost all my writing, tables, and figures, and not any of the calculations and original figures that were on a bunch of other files in different programs. So making up that lost work didn't take the full 6 hours. But I was not a happy camper regardless.

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