Friday, October 24, 2008

pseudo something

There's been some chatter recently about pseudonyms and blog anonymity, so I figured I'd mention my take on it.

I'm not really interested in blogging about the state of the industry and the various players, although my various connections from my work do keep me updated. First, that's not a personal interest of mine, and second, going there brings me too close to "industry gossip" and I have no interest in commenting on specific companies or groups.

I will say, however, that the environmental consulting industry is pretty incestuous. I've heard it said that "you'll get your first real raise when you quit" and there is something to that. There's a fair amount of movement when companies gain and lose contracts, and then field folks are forever overseeing or being overseen by contractors from litigating firms, regulators, etc. So you often see the same people over and over again working for different companies.

This means that you need to be careful if you want to blog about the industry and not run into trouble. My goal isn't to write exposés, but rather to share some experiences that are common to many of us. So when I write blog posts, I change details, and I will not be writing about some of the more amusing/embarassing things that have happened that are odd enough to identify me.

I would imagine that someone who had worked closely with me and knows me well would recognize me from my "voice" on this blog and the pattern of incidents I discuss. If you think you know who I am in meatspace, feel free to drop me a line. But there are a lot of short female geologists who have struggled to project authority, especially when first starting out, and have later gone on to grad school. I know several myself.

I'm not interested in being much of an "authority" on consulting, geology, or anything else on this blog. I'm incisive and brilliant enough elsewhere. Here, I just want to tell stories.

ps. if anybody can tell me how to add accents here, I'll fix my spelling. "Exposes" is sort of hurting my inner perfectionist.

pps Thanks! You learn something new every day...


Jessica Ball said...

You can usually copy and paste an accented letter from Word and Blogger will pick up on it. (Usually. Some days Blogger is just completely messed up, and it's hard to even get your paragraphs to show up.)

Anonymous said...

You can use äcçénts by writing out the relevant HTML entity.