Monday, March 16, 2009

internet problems

I'm trying to keep my blogging reliable, and I think I've succeeded for the most part. But last week, I lost my internet.

I'm pretty sure it's a network problem, not a computer problem. Other computers have the same problem as me. Also, my neighbor who kindly, uh, lent me his/her unsecured wireless when I first moved in apparently has the same problem, since that network is still unsecured and I can't connect to it either. The provider doesn't exactly have a sense of urgency about it, though.

So now I have to hoof it to the local free wireless hotspot and find some space amongst the hordes of unemployed. It's unfortunate - I used to wake up, turn on my painfully slow computer, take a shower, log in, get dressed, eat breakfast while catching up on all the blogosphere news (my keyboard is pretty gross), and write a post. Now I have to hike over to the wireless hub and wait for everything to boot up.

I grew up without any internet, and I had a fairly typical social experience for someone who was a big geek: bullied in middle school, ignored in high school. My coping mechanism was writing and playing a lot of loud angry music. Would I have turned out differently if I had the support of some sort of high school geek blogosphere? Would I have been as much of a writer? Would I have had such a passionate love of good (not just angry) music?

I simply don't have the time to hang out elsewhere for any significant length of time just to fool around on the internet - I'm pretty busy the next couple weeks. Maybe I'll be more productive. But I won't be able to take part in the give-and-take of reading, commenting, and responding to other blogs. We'll see how it goes...

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