Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Readers who come here via some geo-aggregator like this may come here and wonder, how is she part of the geoblogosphere, exactly? Especially if it's one of those weeks where I spend more time ranting about my internet connection than anything else.

I do post about general geology topics, whether it's politics or just the most recent geology carnival. But those posts were getting lost in my "miscellany" tag, grouped in with endless discussions of my migraines and whatever else doesn't fit anywhere else. So I made up a new geology tag and back-tagged everything.

Most of what I discuss is applicable to other fields of geology and to fieldwork in general. So I'm reserving my new "geology" tag for whatever geology topics don't fit anywhere else. And now that I have a separate tag, it'll prompt me to write more posts about general geology stuff if/when I run through my post backlog.

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