Friday, September 25, 2009

hotel tipping?

It's becoming more encouraged/expected in the hospitality biz to leave a tip for housekeeping. I've seen guides that suggest $1 - $2 per day.

I generally do not tip the maid. Does this make me a bad tipper? Bad person? Cheapskate?

Here's the thing: I require zero maintenance when I'm staying at a hotel for work. More and more hotels are providing an option to not change the sheets/towels daily, and I am all for that. The only mess I make is my clothing, which ends up strewn over every available non-bed surface and which the maid (rightfully) doesn't touch. I'd actually be happier if they didn't re-make the bed, because then I wouldn't have to yank the sheets out of the sides of the mattress nightly.

If I do something that requires more effort than making the bed - spill something, clog up the toilet (hey, ladies have, um productive events too!), use up all the tissues/toilet paper - then I do leave something.

When I asked colleagues about this years ago, the response was surprise that they were actually supposed to tip housekeeping. Nobody tipped. But maybe things have changed.

If you do or have done lots of travelling for work, do you leave tips for housekeeping? If so, daily, or just at the end of the stay?

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Silver Fox said...

Most of the time I've traveled through my career, I haven't tipped. I have been reminded by my dad and husband to tip - but have not known how much that should be (good to see your $1-$2 amount). More recently (last several years), I have left $20-$50 when staying for 20 days at a time - or something similar when renting by the month - but I often forget for shorter stays because of earlier non-tipping habits. The tips I have left - of any amount, have been greatly appreciated, even commented on. I suspect that very few people tip at motels, not just our colleagues.