Tuesday, December 8, 2009

field creep 2

This is the second episode of “I wish I had a buddy”. Once again, I’m revisiting an old post (I will have entirely new episodes, I promise).

Several months ago, I mentioned being leered at while wearing hip waders. This is usually just annoying.

One time, however, I was working in a stretch of wetland out on the edge of an old industrial area. I wasn’t really that far from anywhere, but I was surrounded by reeds and thickets, so I had minimal visibility. I was by the side of an old gravel access road, several hundred yards from the nearest business (a sketchy old machine shop). I was fussing over an instrument when I was interrupted by some scary dude who was apparently taking his lunchtime constitutional.

“Why look at you with your thigh-high boots! Don’t you look sexy…”the dude leers at me.

He was probably harmless, but it completely freaked me out. I was standing at the tailgate, so I thumped the gear into the back of the truck, slammed the tailgate shut, told the dude to get lost, and roared off in a spray of gravel. I was hoping I seemed more angry than chicken (I hate looking vulnerable in this sort of situation) but I probably just made his day.

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