Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm back!

I've been posting irregularly for the last couple months, partially because I've been flat out at work and partially because my head really isn't in the right place for it. I've been pretty much burned out for a while, but hanging in there because I haven't found a better place to be.

I was going to announce an official hiatus and possible end of blogging, but then today I had a heart-to-heart with a young female geologist who's in a male-dominated environment and who is looking for career and educational guidance.

That conversation reminded me that I can still help out other geologists (and other environmental scientists!) and be a positive role model, even though I'm not in the place where I personally want to be.

So I am newly inspired to keep I just have to survive the heat and humidity of August!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I for one am glad you're here. I'm not just interested in hearing your advice for success or survival in environmental science, but also your thoughts as to what led to your burn out and what you are looking for next.

I'm about 16 months in to my first remediation and first environmental job after years of chemical engineering school and research. I'm quite bored though I love the idea of working to clean up pollution. I'm thinking of leaving the environmental field entirely but am quite interested to read more from you!

Short Geologist said...

Thanks! I'm having burnout issues not from boredom (I still enjoy the technical aspects of what I'm doing) but more because I'm overwhelmed by the quantity of work I'm doing - and the stress to get it done within certain parameters.