Tuesday, October 12, 2010

wool shirts

As it starts getting cooler, I am starting to transfer to winter field gear. Among the winter gear I pulled out of the storage bin below the bed is my favorite wool shirt.

This particular wool shirt is an LLBean "river driver" shirt, from that time before their sizing got all wonky. It's two layers, with wool outside and cotton inside, and it's just the right length to not ride up and protect my belly and has perfect cuffs that fit under other clothing.

My river driver shirt dates from the grunge era, so it's getting close to 2 decades old. It has holes in the armpits, where the seams have given up the ghost, and the sleeves are getting ratty, and it has a fairly large collection of moth holes.

In spite of my love for this shirt, I do realize it is long past time to be retired. But I can't find a replacement. Does anybody know of a place that sells two-layer wool shirts that are small enough to use as an under-layer for a smaller-framed female?


Jessica Ball said...

Backcountry.com and Sierra Trading Post are my go-tos for hiking stuff; maybe Woolrich might also have something?

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure I haven't seen a two layer wool shirt anywhere, but I have a great one layer zip neck long underwear shirt from Smartwool (http://www.rei.com/product/754614). It's a kids XL and fits perfectly, though the reviews suggest that they're now running smaller than they used to. For outdoor shirts and jackets, I've generally had good luck with kids XL from REI, North Face, Patagonia, or LL Bean. Bonus: they're much cheaper than the virtually identical adult version!