Tuesday, March 1, 2011

comment moderation

I just realized that I haven't spelled out my comment moderation policy.

I have active comment moderation. I know it cuts down on the spontaneity of the comments, because you have to wait for me to log on and approve them. That can take a while because if I'm busy, I don't log in at all. I first set things up this way because I was initially paranoid that I'd be "outed" online, but I keep it this way to cut down on the spam.

I accept all comments that are not simple plugs, with somewhat higher standards for businesses. For example, if you leave a comment that says "great blog! Love, (my link)", you have to link to a fricken' awesome and relevant personal blog in order to be accepted. I will accept commercial comments if they actually add something to the conversation. I like comments on old posts. I like comments even if they appear to be from someone who googled something tangential to what I'm writing about and has an axe to grind. Basically, I like all comments that aren't a blatant effort to drive traffic to an unrelated site. I'm looking at you, college paper ghostwriting service!

It would be nice if I could pre-screen commenters so that regular commenters wouldn't have to wait for me to accept comments. But I can see more technical snafus, so maybe it's best to stick with the slow system.


Silver Fox said...

YMMV, but my experience is that spam comes in waves, often prevalent around year-end holidays and maybe concentrated around certain keywords like "travel." So, I usuaaly have open comments back to 14 days or so, and moderated comments on all older posts. When traveling outside routine or dependable internet access, I sometimes go full moderation -- and also anytime I feel bugged, harrassed, or put upon by spammers.

Short Geologist said...

I didn't realize that blogspot could do that...something to consider.