Friday, May 6, 2011

checking in

I haven't given up blogging completely - it's just that over the last two months, life got in the way.

1. Someone I loved died. I didn't have the emotional wherewithal to explain who died and why he meant so much to me, etc etc to people who didn't know him. Also, I curl up and withdraw when I've been hurt, so I pretty much took an internet break for about a month.

2. I got sick. Again.

3. Work peaked (field season!) and I've been working 12 hour days and even the odd weekend (not a 10-4, just more days to work).

4. By the time I got through #1 and #2, I had fallen out of the habit of writing and the odd day when I had time, I wasn't thinking about this blog (horrors!). I had lots of posts gestating when I couldn't write them down, though.

At this point, I have a much needed epic vacation coming up that's been in the works for a couple of years. So epic, I'll be AWOL pretty much the whole month of May! So let's reconvene on June 1, and I'll have lots of stories.

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Silver Fox said...

Sorry for the loss of your loved one. I'm glad you're getting such a long (and sounds like well deserved!) vacation.