Wednesday, July 27, 2011

super flier

A long time ago, I did a series of posts on being a road warrior, starting with this discussion of receiving super-elite status with my favored hotel chain.

I fly relatively often - once or twice a month, on average. However, before I started working at this "temporary" gig, I hardly flew at all. And most of my flying is regional rather than cross-country, so I didn't exactly rack up the miles.

So it took me a long-ass time, but I am officially a frequent flyer, having reached the lowest level of elite status at the airline I use the most often. I must admit that the perks are nice...

1. Free checked bags (ok, not really a big deal when the checked bags would be paid by my employer)

2. Upgrades to 1st class

and most exciting...

3. You get to use the "priority" line and save a half hour of standing in line on a Monday morning!

I don't want to dilute my hotel points-based credit card by getting an airline card solely to get more miles, but when the flight crew is waving around all sorts of fancy deals for signing up for their credit card, it is tempting...

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