Thursday, December 22, 2011

only purple?

My recent post about coveralls prompted me to do some poking around the internet. Maybe I did need to break down and buy bib-style coveralls, although it's been warm enough that I've been weaing summer-weight pants for the last two months.

The only bib-style coveralls in my size were purple. I'm not exactly a purple coverall person. And when I mentioned getting purple coveralls to the contractors I'm working with, they about busted a gut laughing.

So, maybe just more regular carhartts... hmm. For some reason, Carhartts has decided to cut waay down on the work gear for ladies, and now sells mostly jeans and corduroys, and skirts. Skirts!

Carhartts and the odd hiking pants are the only things I can wear in the field that are somewhat durable and not ass-hugging. I could never buy Carhartts in a store, so I relied on the internet to supply me. And now the Carhartts website sells exactly one style of work pant, in a grand total of 2 colors, and only in the more "womanly" fit (too womanly for me - my belly is too big relative to my ass, so they're super baggy in the thighs and uncomfortably tight in the waist), and... Oh. They don't carry anything in my size anyway.

Anybody have a suggestion for another brand of durable work pants for a short, slightly built geologist with a pooh belly?

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Silver Fox said...

I think I'd like purple, but don't typically wear anything that sturdy in the field (just average jeans or newfangled nylon type cargo pants.