Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I promised last year that I was done with making resolutions. But some time after January, I did end up making resolutions of a sort. Both came about because of a decision that I've spent enough of my life spinning my wheels - that I want to take risks and do what will make me happy, not just keep going in the same direction because it's the next logical step. And I've figured out the actual steps to make them happen.

1. I will go on more adventures. Maybe I don't have enough time or money to have an annual epic 2-week adventure like this one, but I can block out 1 week this year to replenish the kitty (road-tripping on the cheap in the southwest) and next year, I'll have the big adventure.

2. Sweetie and I have fallen in love with a place that is not here. We want to buy a house there, something we can truly call home, even if it means a dramatic drop from our current standard of living. And we're going once either one of us finds something, even if it's not a professional ideal. Target date: when our current lease is up (a couple of months).

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