Friday, July 13, 2012

trunk inventory

I'm between field jobs right now, and what that means is that everything that didn't make it back to the office is still in the car. So what useful items do I have right now?

1. A pair of quilted coveralls from the winter.
2. 2 bag filters for removing solids from water before sending through granular activated carbon.
4. Several bottles of sunscreen of varying ages and sun-blocking levels.
5. 3 bottles of drinking water.
6. Two knives.
7. One smushed roll of towels.
8. A half box of nitrile gloves, size medium.
9. A bright red sunhat.
10. Enough different tubing connectors to appear to be useful, but not enough to connect to any of the tubing that I may actually need.
11. Approximately 15 feet of bubble wrapping.
12. One roll of strapping tape.
13. One very large flashlight.
14. One pair of steel-toe boots, size 7.
15. A severely dented aluminum clipboard.

Having all this junk essential equipment readily at hand works well when you're called into the field at the last minute. It's not so great if you're going to meet a client and she chirps, "perfect! Let's take your car!"

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