Wednesday, August 29, 2012

internet troubles

I've been having internet problems over the past couple of weeks. For some reason, if I stay within the same general website, I won't have any trouble navigating. But once I start jumping from website to website (say, poking around the geoblogosphere for something to pontificate on), then after 10 or 15 links, all "outside" websites cease to work. And then so does the one I'm working on. I'm pretty sure it's an internet issue, not a problem on our end, since my sweetie and I have three computers between us and we bought a new router last week in a vain effort to fix the problem.

I either need to find a good coffeeshop/web cafe or find a neighbor with a reliable signal to pirate.

So, until I find either (or find the time to spend an hour on hold with the local ISP rep), blogging may be sporadic.


Anonymous said...

This sounds exactly like a DNS issue. If Mac:

Apple -> System Preferences -> Network -> choose Wi-Fi on the left -> click Advanced... button -> DNS tab

On the left hand side, add in two IP addresses: '' and ''. Press OK all the way out and restart the computer.

If a PC: Do the same thing, only with Control Panel.

These are google's DNS servers and you can use them permanently.

Short Geologist said...

A much later update: after my sweetie spent an hour on the phone with our cable provider, it turns out that we can fix the bug by resetting the cable (not the router). Problem solved!