Monday, October 29, 2012

hangin' with Sandy

Like everyone else in the northeastern (southeast, central) US, we're hunkered down with the weather channel while the wind screams outside. We lost power for a couple of hours, but it came back just in time for us to cook dinner. Yes, sometimes it is convenient to live near a critical piece of infrastructure - the local utilities are a little less... leisurely.

I'm not a big weather bug, but I thought I'd share a couple of oddball websites:

This wind map of the US only goes up to 30 MPH, but check out the swirling around NYC.

Who knows if Mount Washington actually has the world's worst weather, but it's the place with the worst weather that's well instrumented. Right now, sustained wind is 88 mph, with gusts to 127.

Also, there's lots of cool pictures that are flying around the interwebs. How to tell if they're real? One hint - if the clouds look all nifty, they're probably not of a hurricane, which is gray and wet and, well, windy. This website will help.

Stay dry!

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