Tuesday, June 11, 2013

where to go next?

My sweetie and I are starting to plan our next big adventure. We've got a couple different ideas, but we haven't decided on anything yet. So here's my question for globe-traveling readers - do you have any suggestions?

Here's our criteria:

1. Our timeframe is next spring (early April to early June).

2. We don't want to go anywhere super hot or overwhelmingly crowded.

3. Target location is outside the US, but no more than a 10-hour flight from the east coast.

4. Nifty scenery (human or natural).

5. I'd like to be able to cross something off my list of "things every geologist should see", but nothing too exciting. No erupting volcanoes, please!

6. Our last grand adventure was in the northern Alps, so we're looking for somewhere new.

I may keep a bunch of suggestions in mind for future adventures as well, so feel free to suggest different places!


A Life Long Scholar said...

I recommend northern Sweden, Finland, and Norway. Lots of beautiful scenery (ranging from forests, lakes,and mountains, depending on which part you are in at the moment, rocks so old the volcanoes are long extinct and metamorphosed and/or hydrothermally altered, low crowd density, comfortable temperatures, long hours of daylight that time of year, and, depending on the timing, I could offer crash space in northern Sweden for fellow geobloggers (not that mine is anything resembling active, but time could yet free up to do that again...) to discuss the geology of this part of the planet.

meta-geologist said...

Some random suggestions:
Scottish highlands.
West coast of Ireland
Arctic Norway

Short Geologist said...

I'm seeing some overlap... the British isles and Iceland were two of the possibilities we had already discussed. We'll have to look into Sweden/Finland/Norway.