Monday, July 1, 2013

bloglist revisions

I've been holding onto a couple of blogs that appear to be defunct, or which have officially ended. So I'm taking the following off my bloglist:

A Gentleman's C - the first blog I followed regularly.

Isis the Scientist - this one is officially done, not "sorta done but I'll still keep posting".

And then I went poking through the geoblogosphere for more blogs:

It's good to appreciate the other parts of the natural world while I'm otherwise engaged - Diamictite has lots of lovely photos of flora and fauna.

Sciency Thoughts keeps track of all sorts of random science news ranging from landslides to meteor showers to new species discoveries.

JFleck at inkstain keeps track of water issues in the southwest. I've always wanted to work on water supply problems, but never lived in a place where I could get paid for studying them.

Finally, I'm adding Athene Donald's blog to replace the academic blogs I'm taking off.

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