Wednesday, February 5, 2014

winter colors

This has been a trying winter here on the east coast for working outside. I got spoiled by the last couple of winters, which were generally mild.

Here's what has worked to keep me warm when the temperatures have hovered around zero (F), starting from the inside and working outside:

1. single-layer longjohns (I have a pair of the two-layer wool pants, but frankly, I can only wear so many bulky layers on my legs)
2. field cargo pants
3. ratty t-shirt
4. two-layer wool/cotton thermal top (my old river driver shirt finally disintegrated)
5. quilted coveralls, bib/suspender style, which I eventually bought not long after this post
6. cotton hoodie
7. wind-blocking fleece balaclava, pulled up over my nose so that once I put on the safety glasses, I had essentially no skin exposed
8. marine-grade jacket with all the bells and whistles (lots of pockets, including ones that are fleece-lined for hands, multiple high-tech layers, detachable hood, reflectors everywhere)
9. fingerless glove/mitten combo so I can use my fingertips when needed and then retract them into the mittens in an instant

So that's a lot of layers. And the other day, I'd managed to accidentally wear a different color of everything. Since I was looking pretty, um, distinctive, here's the list of colors without naming what item they went with:

1. royal blue
2. light blue
3. kelly green
4. slate gray/blue
5. yellow
6. purple
7. dark brown
8. camoflauge
9. off-white

I'm not sure if I look festive or like a bag lady...


C W Magee said...

No hard hat?

Short Geologist said...

PPE isn't optional, so I didn't include the steel-toe boots, the nitrile gloves, the hard hat, the traffic vest...

Mike said...

I call it "looking like a Babushka" (Russian Grandma). In past times the housewives could not afford a whole matching outfit, so they shopped to mix-n-match. But their shopping options under communism were pretty bleak.

Rock Head said...

Boy, did I hate steel-toes in the brutal cold until I got some electric socks.