Monday, June 16, 2014

where do geologists end up?

Ben Schmidt is a data visualizer with a bunch of graphics regarding higher ed and careers. I started poking around, and here are a few relevant to environmental work/geology:

One is a visualization of college majors compared to careers (most common majors/most common careers). You can click on a particular major to see the most common careers. Unfortunately, the "career" track doesn't appear to include a "scientist" or "technician" option, and so the sort of work I do would probably get rolled into the "miscellaneous manager" option. I couldn't figure out a way to save/show the chart, but for people who don't click on links, geology majors tend to end up in miscellaneous analyst/manager positions or in education. The breakdown is similar for environmental science majors, although the legal profession is a little more popular.

Another graphic shows the percentage of selected BAs compared to all other majors over time. You can click on the majors displayed on the left of the chart. In this case, the majors are grouped into large categories, but physical science majors have generally been decreasing and engineering has been relatively stable. You can also split out the results by institution type and school (if it's been added in).

I do have to keep in mind that geology and the environmental field are extremely small industries, as I've discussed before. So those visualizations really just give a hint as to what we're doing.

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