Tuesday, August 5, 2014

blog disclaimer

I haven't written any disclaimers in a while...

I tend to hold on to anecdotes until they're completely irrelevant to what I'm currently working on, and in some cases, years later and/or until I'm at a different organization. I never use real names, and often change minor details. My name is not actually "Shortencia Q. Geologist".

I have strong opinions about lots of stuff, from drilling to office/project management to general industry practices. Although I would like some things to be a certain way, that does not mean that my way is the only correct possibility, or that I can actually do things the way I'd prefer.

When I tell stories about myself or other people, I'm only illustrating particular facets for each blog post. For example, sometimes I think my dad comes off sort of one-dimensionally because I tend to vent about things that aggravate me. In reality, he's a complicated person that I have a very warm, if occasionally exasperated, relationship with. I'm complicated, too, and I can be annoying as well.

Sometimes I worry that a post I write will be a little too identifiable. I've removed one post for that reason and may remove others in the future. But for now, I'm planning on continuing at about the same level of disclosure/posting frequency as I have in the past and staying pseudonymous so that I can continue to post without ruffling real-life feathers.

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