Thursday, October 20, 2016

accidental remediation on the web

I occasionally trawl through the web to see what (if anything) is being said about this blog. It's always interesting to see what pops up in searches. There are a bunch of blog aggregators (like this one or this one) that include accidental remediation, but those aren't unexpected.

A few highlights:

A UK-based operation has determined that this blog is worth £302.34 (down from a peak of almost £400 a while ago - a consequence of my recent hiatus, I guess) and is about airborne hazards and driving.

I got props on my writing from someone who liked the word "thwack!"

I picked up a banned books meme from En Tequila Es Verdad and somehow ended up in a compilation of blog posts about Ray Bradbury's Farenheight 451.

I was mistaken for a man.

I was recognized as a female STEM blogger.

I got onto a blog aggregator for "toe boots". Maybe I need to stop talking about my feet.

Fellow bloggers, have you gone down the rabbit hole and found your blog cited in some unexpected places?

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