Tuesday, December 16, 2008

non-water spiders

As I mentioned before, spiders are the only critters that I can’t stand. I’m a lot better at dealing with terrestrial spiders because I can avoid them easier, but there are a few that keep popping up regularly that I'm not a big fan of. Note that these are fairly northern non-shy spiders, so I don’t run into tarantulas or other dinner plate-sized spiders. From least to most scary:

5. Jumping spiders: Not a big fan of jumpers, but they’re usually pretty small. I’m ok with small spiders – ok in that I gently remove them from my vicinity (or swat them midair) instead of squealing and running away.

4. Ceiling spiders: Ok, these aren’t really field spiders I run into, probably because they like to be up high. But I had an apartment that was like catnip for ceiling spiders. Well, maybe just one. We kept squashing what we found to be discarded spider skins in the ceiling corners. They kept getting bigger and bigger. Hm.

3. Golden orb spinners/black and yellow garden spiders: These are both big and distinctive. One summer, I had one in a field site that sort of became the site mascot, while at the same time I had the same type of spider building its web between my car door and the side of the driveway every morning. Kind of annoying to have to get in on the passenger side every day.

2. Wolf spiders: Huh. They landed on both lists. Again, I’m not a fan of big, fast, and hairy.

1. Hedge spiders: Ok, these are actually funnel spiders. If you look at any hedge in the summer, it will be riddled with funnels. And those spiders can get to a couple inches across. Luckily, they hide down in the hedge. Unlucky for you if you have to poke around in said hedges for your work.

If I had to work outside regularly somewhere with seriously large spiders, I'd have a big problem. Luckily, I don't encounter spiders that suprise me into a shriek all that often.

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