Monday, December 15, 2008

stray search results

I like to keep tabs on the search terms that lead to this site. This is purely for my private interest and does not affect what I say (except for this one post).

Inevitably, I will get a few stray readers (or more than a few) who did not find what they were searching for. Some apologies are in order:

If you have snakes and/or slugs in your drain, you're probably not exactly sure why you're enlisting the advice of a geologist. Can't help you there.

I'm guessing that all you folks from former soviet-bloc countries (I'm guessing that's who uses, .ro, .kz, etc) who are looking for various iterations of extra-curricular activities did not find what you expected. If you want to optimize your naughty website so that you're ahead of me for those search terms, go right ahead.

I will not help you find funny nicknames for environmentalists, scientists, short people, or anybody else. Ask your local pre-teen instead. If you are a pre-teen, I'm sure you can come up with some ideas on your own.

If you like the name Shortencia, feel free to name your child after me. I'd be honored. But be aware that your child may run into problems if they are either exceptionally tall or exceptionally short.

It's kind of neat to see that I pop up in searches. And I've procrastinated many times by jumping all over the internet using "wrong" search results and the related links myself, so maybe I can provide a little bit of an education to folks who have no intrinsic interest in environmental work or geology.

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Vicki said...

Well, I have some interest in both environmental work and geology so I'm glad I found your blog, however that was.