Friday, February 27, 2009


Everybody has a different way to dress for cold days in the field. Some folks throw on a sweater and winter coat, but I’m a firm believer in layers. In fact, I probably over-layer, but I’d rather be able to chuck stuff if I warm up. And I avoid being underdressed at all costs – there’s nothing more miserable than working all day outside, being cold, and not having any more clothing.

So here’s what I do, from inside to outside layers:

1. Synthetic exercise tank with built in bra.

2. Undershirt. This is any t-shirt that’s too small, thin, stained, holey, or otherwise inappropriate for public viewing.

3. 2-layer thermal wool shirt. It’s protected from sweat by #2, which also keeps the seams from itching.

4. Cover shirt. I always cover the thermal shirt to keep it clean. Also, it’s a wee bit disreputable now. The cover shirt varies from a long-sleeved t-shirt to a fleece shirt to a sweater.

5. If it’s cold enough, a fleece vest, fleece pullover, or sweater.

6. Raincoat or overcoat.

In the winter, I usually have long underwear (regular or 2-layer wool) under my work pants. If it’s rainy or super cold, I wear windbreaker pants over the work pants. I don’t fool around with bad weather.


P said...

What boots do you wear? I'm very particular about dry, warm feet.

Short Geologist said...

Short answer: properly lined snowboots, if I can get away with them. Otherwise, poorly lined steel toe boots.