Monday, February 16, 2009

pocket problems

I mentioned in a recent post that maybe I should keep an emergency whistle in my pocket. However, my pockets are fairly limited in real estate. So what did I usually have in my pockets when I was out in the field?

1. personal cell phone
2. work cell phone or radio
3. well/gate keys
4. at least 1 regular pen and 1 big sharpie
5. car keys
6. hotel card
7. a replacement hair elastic
8. a ratty old tissue or shop towel
9. a couple of business cards
10. digital camera
11. spare change
12. an extra nitrile glove or two

I was also required to have a logbook, but no matter how compact it was, it was always way too big for a pocket. So it got carried around (and frequently misplaced).

Some of this stuff doesn’t take much room (hair elastic, well keys, spare change, tissues), but it’s still a lot to drag around. It’s ok in the winter, when I have a coat of many pockets in addition to oversized pants (to fit over long underwear). But in the summer, I run into serious space limitations. I’ve considered something like this:
or these (all from Ben Meadows,, but I don’t ordinarily wear belts. Maybe I should reconsider, though…digital cameras don’t play well with keys and other sharp objects, and I’m carrying around a lot of gear that probably shouldn’t be sat on as often as it is.

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Silver Fox said...

I don't ordinarily like wearing things hanging from belts, though usually do wear a belt. I did wear tools hanging from belts while working in contruction.

I always wear a filson-type field vest, and find that for regular mapping not too oriented on sampling, or for hanging around drill rigs, that I can keep everything I need in the various pockets. Sharp tools like the ones you show, and acid bottles, eventually wear out certain pockets - but duck tape will hold things together for a year or two, depending on whether you like buying new filsons every single year.

And some things I might leave locked in my truck, like hotel card, maybe.

I have to sort things in my filson pockets by wet v. never-get-wet, so have acid separate, sunscreen separate from anything like cell phones or GPS or cameras or extra batteries.

Hope something works - but you've got a bit of time to play around w/ things before summer hits (at least around here).