Tuesday, April 28, 2009

scientiae snapshot

So the May scientiae carnival is being hosted by Katherine Hexton at Endless Possibilities. The theme for this month is "snapshots". So I'm including two snapshots, one of myself and one of this blog.

Snapshot #1: Who am I right now?

I've worked in environmental consulting long enough that I'm comfortable with whatever's thrown at me, but I'm not old enough to be considered middle-aged. My eyes have crinkles from squinting in the sun and my gray hairs are starting to become fairly obvious. Regardless, the opinion of the general public is that I appear to be 17.

I'm trying to preserve my pseudonimity (is that a word?) but things have been really stressful recently. I'm seriously reconsidering what I'm doing right now, but I'm going to be here a while (thanks, lousy economy!). I think my recent illnesses are a sign that I'm working too much, stressing out too much, and getting run down.

Snapshot #2: Where is this blog right now?

This is post 163.

I tend to write as I think - each post reminds me something of something else. For example, I've been on a "public" tag run recently. I do try to mix up my post topics, though.

When I first started this blog, I wrote down a list of about 100 posts that I wanted to write. I still haven't covered all those topics; in fact, I've got a couple of complete posts in my head that I just haven't written down. I've tried to post regularly this whole time, and when I don't post, it's because of physical limitations (internet or schedule problems) rather than a lack of topics to cover. So I should be here for a while yet, and if I do make a significant career change, I'll keep you posted.

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