Thursday, June 11, 2009

internet issues

I had more internet issues this week. But I should clarify:

Sometimes I am indeed unable to access the internet at all. Usually this is when I'm in the field or otherwise travelling. But most times I don't have internet, it's because my home internet has gone on the fritz. Like this week. I rarely lose office internet (much less often than at grad school, which is sort of sad).

I would never add new posts, let alone view blogspot at all, from a work computer. Why not? Most companies have strict personal-use policies, at least on paper. Generally speaking, I feel ok doing some non-controversial web surfing (a mainstream media news site), but I'm not going to do anything "controversial" on a company computer. Also, unless you're working in an academic setting, you have no expectation of privacy. The last thing I want to do is leave little cookie crumbs all over the web, including those leading to this blog.

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