Thursday, April 29, 2010


The things you learn on facebook...

My cousin is a freelance writer who has a popular blog on writing. She makes enough to live on.

I like my psudonymity. Only two people in my life know about this blog, and one has never expressed the slightest interest in it. And that's fine. But when I found out about my cousin's blog, it was really hard not to immediately announce "I have a blog, too! And sometimes I even have commenters!" on her wall.

Note to self: if you tell 136 of your nearest and dearest that you write this blog called "accidental remediation", you can kiss your pseudonymity aside.

It is sort of tempting, though.


Silver Fox said...

I have told some people, only to find that mosly they aren't into checking blogs (even if they are on Facebook), and I get very minimal feedback from people I know IRL/non-blog.

Ogre Lawyer said...

I am sure that, despite a lack of expressed interest, the people you have told tune in on occasion to see what you are writing about.

As far as anonymity on the internet, its a very valuable thing. There are too many trolls, too many fishing scams, and too many hackers looking to steal personal information to make sharing everything a safe policy.