Monday, April 12, 2010

last week's excuse

So, I did have internet last week. And my workload was actually sort of reasonable. And I didn't have any burning interpersonal issues. And I finished my taxes before April, which is quite possibly the earliest I ever did my taxes (federal refund pretty much can canceled out the state taxes due, in case you were curious).

So why didn't I do any blogging?

You see, I was working in a new place. And I had an adventurous coworker. These two sets of circumstances seldom come together. So after work and a quick shower, we went out adventuring every day after work. We found a park with some famous natural stuff to see. We went window-shopping in a super expensive area. We spent several hours at a tacky tourist trap.

Between adventures, dinner, and work, I had barely enough time to sleep.

But don't worry, fair readers - I am envisioning unadventurous travel companions and repeat field sites for the foreseeable future and should be back to consistent blogging.

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