Thursday, May 17, 2012

new basement spider

A couple of months ago, I complained about basement spiders, which are black, spindly, and lurk in the corners where I need to stick my hands.

A few days after I wrote that post, I complained to a coworker about the basement spiders I'd encountered. He told me that that the last time he was in the house we regularly visit that is most infested by basement spiders, he'd come across a fist sized, fuzzy bastard that did not scuttle away when blown on/poked with a stick/otherwise encouraged to leave. He told it, "I won't bother you if you don't bother me," and continued his work with on wary eye on the spider.

I am not looking forward to my next rummage through that basement.


Charley said...

Hi, Short Geologist! I bring news from the tribe of basement spiders (who also occupy cellars, attics, workshops, and the like). We are benign. We have no desire to harm you, and couldn't even if we did. Sorry about the messy webs ... that's just business. If you happen to brush against one, we'll just wave as you pass by. We don't know who the fuzzy bastard might be ... but chances are overwhelming that he doesn't mean you any harm, either. Take care out there! It's the flesh-eating bacteria that's gonna git you if you're not careful, not us spiders. Read about us at my blog, SpiderHugger:

Short Geologist said...

Yup. Your cellar spiders are my basement spiders. And just looking at pictures of them gives me the willies...