Monday, May 14, 2012

follow up - part 1

I've had a hard couple of weeks and I fell off the blog-posting wagon. So I'm going to try another theme week as a prompt for new posts. This week's theme is "follow up". I've been posting for about 4 years now, so I figured it's time for some updates on old posts.

Today, I'm revisiting "filing follies," which I wrote early last year. I complained that my documents that needed filing sat in the admin person's internal mailbox for months on end.

It turned out that this woman, who's been with the organization for about a million years, does not use her mailbox. She didn't know where (what?) it was. Apparently those files were eventually rescued by someone else, who physically brought them to the admin's attention.

Here I was thinking that I was doing the admin person a favor by putting stuff in her mailbox with a sticky note on the cover to explain what I needed. To me, anything dropped off in an internal mailbox is FYI material - here's something you should have/may need to work on, but it's not a big hurry. If it needs babysitting or is especially complicated, I bring it to the person myself. But it gets annoying to be constantly interrupted by someone dropping off unimportant stuff (hello, employee newsletter!)

So now I drop everything off in person, making a big detour and interrupting the admin person (who generally has more important things to do, like getting reports out the door). Whatever works, I guess.

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