Thursday, February 28, 2013


I'm a wee bit late for this month's accretionary wedge, on geo injuries.

I've had any number of minor injuries, but I'm pretty resistant to scarring. My primary scars (and I have a 1.5-inch doozy that you can clearly see the stitches for) are not from wounds, per se, but from sun exposure (huge, scary moles removed).

My biggest scar directly related to geology is this one:

What, can't see it? Let me use my amazing MSpaint skills:

Ok, so this scar is over 10 years old, and it's on the palm of my hand, so it really shows up as just a little patch of more pink/shiny skin. It's the outline of a monstrous blister from poison oak, earned on a hot summer day when I managed to get a Yukon stuck in a mud bog.

I also got a trail of blisters up my arm. In both my palm and arm, they started as a bunch of little blisters, and then they grew together to form these crazy spotted giant blisters. I thought they looked sort of awesome, but nobody else agreed. For some reason, I didn't keep any pictures for posterity. For actual blisters (resulting in zero scars a few weeks later), you'll have to go to my most popular post ever.

I have been super fortunate. I can only hope to remain more or less scar-less as I continue my adventures in geology.

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