Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I have an admission to make.

I play video games. I've thoroughly enjoyed a few platform games (Bastion, Lego Star Wars) and strategy games (Civilization Revolution), but my favorites are role-player games (RPGs), especially the ones where you get to explore a vast wilderness, run errands for the locals, and generally ignore the "plot" bits. So I spent an ungodly amount of time playing Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, where I could pick flowers (it's for potions!) and chase after mammoths and scale mountains. 

So, how did I miss this post and its follow-up on the geology of Skyrim?

The really nice thing to see is that the game developer did some research, so the landscape of Skyrim actually follows basic geological principles (volcanics, a rift zone, characteristic ores). I have no ability to write game mods (or program anything else, for that matter), but I'd be happy to pay for something that would allow me to interact with the geology in more depth - mapping? Prospecting?

I'm definitely going to be spending more time with Skyrim this weekend to check out the local landscape again.

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