Friday, April 4, 2014

on tracked-changes

Whoever thought that yellow was an appropriate color for tracked-changes text in MS Word should be forced to read hundreds of pages, clockwork orange style, in which the text is randomly highlighted yellow-green-purple and more than four people have edited over each others' text.

I have not found any way to change the default text-edit colors. Anybody have luck changing that awful yellow color to dark orange or something?


A Life Long Scholar said...

Which version of Word are you using? In the version I have there is a button under the drop down arrow on the "track changes" button called "Change Tracking Options", and in that new window I can set different colours for different kinds of changes if I want. I just checked it, and if I have a document open with one colour of changes and I change the settings to a new colour all of the old colours change to the new.

I like using the blue for my changes--easy to see, easy on the eyes, and without the psychological implication of red.

Anonymous said...

I think you can make everyone the same color:

Short Geologist said...

Good to know, but that preference is erased whenever the doc is closed and reopened. It is a temporary solution, though.