Tuesday, April 22, 2014

more favorite posts

Last month, I compiled a list of favorite posts organized by label. When I went through that exercise, I ended up with a bunch of other posts that didn't quite make the cut. Here's the runner-ups, with the last 3 labels dropped, since they each had less than 20 posts:

field rants: healthy fieldwork?

short psychology: alone in the hotel

miscellany: in memoriam

academia: organization!

geology: MOOCs and geology

gear: the light table

management: continuity = good

advice: old maintenance guy

on blogging: hand model?

drilling: drill rig options

things I like: quasi-permanent

the public: one site visitor...

weather: cold toesies

travel: new passport

writing: passivity

driving: off-roading

Ok, that's it for the greatest hits. For more, you'll just need to trawl through the archives yourself.

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