Wednesday, January 21, 2015

non-geology spam

Environmental geology is a pretty small corner of the scientific world, I know. And the vast majority of applied scientists out working in industry today are likely in some corner of the (human) biology world.

I get more biological spam than I do environmental or geology spam. And I've been to enough conferences that I'm on just about every environmental mailing list out there. Today, it was an international (very prestigious, they swear) journal of medical science that wanted submissions from me. Earlier this week, it was a firm selling high-end biotech equipment. And the at least 3/4 of the job listings I get from linkedin are for biology positions: microbiology lab tech. Pharmaceutical rep. Cognitive psychologist. Process engineer for a big regional biotech firm.

Sure, there are corners of geology and biology that do intersect. Paleontology. Geomicrobiology. But big pharma R&D? Not so much.

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