Monday, January 5, 2015

12 months of AR

It's time for my annual recap of 12 months of Accidental Remediation! Silver Fox also included links to her previous versions of this meme, so I thought I'd add that in, after an absence last year. See 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009. Unlike Silver Fox, I mostly don't have illustrations.

Same rules as before: first sentence of the first post of every blog, plus a link. This year, I didn't really have any "filler" posts or big apologies for being an irregular blogger, so no cheating!

January: In a recent post, I mentioned that the HAZWOPER course can be tremendously useful for getting interns out into the field.

February: I have used this particular computer to add posts to blogspot with no problem.

March: I was asked about review courses here and figured the topic needed more than just a short answer.

April: A while back, I mentioned that I needed a replacement camera.

May: AAM recently had a post from someone who was frustrated with a manager who would only give vague (but extremely negative) feedback about her writing.

June: A few months ago, I visited an area with very stinky tap water (stinky groundwater) from naturally-occurring hydrogen sulfide, which produces a rotten-egg odor.

July: A comment on the previous post raised the issue of "firing" drillers/drilling companies.

August: This recent post on AAM regarding writing for free (for an established for-profit publisher) collected a big pile of comments.

September: One of the signs I'm getting older is that I need to keep a better eye on my diet.

October: Another writing pet peeve to add to the pile:

November: When I'm overseeing contractors, I am generally easygoing.

December: Geologists/scientists, did you have any terrible grades in a science class?

Bloggers, consider yourselves tagged...

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