Tuesday, January 27, 2009

after the big paper

So everyone should wish EcoGeoFemme a happy manuscript-finishing. I’ve mentioned before that I had to finish my thesis way before I was ready, and as a result I was frantically analyzing and calculating right up to the bitter end. I also had presentation/publication deadlines within a similar time frame, so I spent essentially a month doing nothing but write. So what happened afterward?

I became a huge couch potato. Any intellectual exercise was utterly beyond me. Oh sure, I had still had some personal, professional, and grad school responsibilities, but I gave them the bare minimum of attention. After several months of working all out and never having a break of more than a day or so, I was burnt out.

I think that post-thesis period was the longest “down” time I’ve ever had. I guess you could call it post-partum depression, using EcoGeoFemme’s baby metaphor. I’m not sure how long post-thesis/defense burnout usually lasts, but for me, it was about a month before I wanted to hear “thesis” or “edit” or anything related to my topic.

Hopefully EcoGeoFemme will be able to relax a little and enjoy her post-manuscript time.


Silver Fox said...

I had to start a job right after, out in the field away from civilization for 5 months, so I didn't get a down time after thesis - but I've had other down times!

EcoGeoFemme said...

Aw, thanks! So far I'm more motivated to work on the next paper -- I hope it lasts. I'm really trying to write my dissertation as I go so I'm not chained to my desk for the last several months. That has drawbacks too, of course. I've been contemplating a post about different thesis writing strategies. Maybe I'll get to it soon.