Thursday, January 22, 2009

the things I carried

FSP posted about her multiplying laptop cords last week. I feel her pain. The problem with my work as an environmental consultant is that I need to be totally stocked up for a number of different situations, each of which requires similar equipment: feminine products, hair holders of some sort, contact lens case and solution, water, sunscreen, snacks, pens and something to write on, pain meds to head off migraines, and various chargers. My different “environments” and the bags I use are:

1. home

2. office/desk

3. conference/other travel (laptop bag)

4. general about town (purse)

5. fieldwork (backpack)

It sounds excessive, but I’m a wee bit scatterbrained. I’ll never remember the million things I need on a regular basis and consulting tends to be a last-minute thing (ok, so tomorrow you’re going to this site four hours away…) so I just have dedicated bags for everything. That way I can worry about more, ah, technical stuff instead.

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