Tuesday, May 5, 2009

dinner quandry

So you've worked a super long day in the field and you have several more equally long days ahead of you.

You get to your hotel room, shuck off your sweaty/icy/wet stuff, jump into a cold/hot shower, pull on some skivvies, and throw your leftovers into the microwave. As the smell of reheated whatever fills the hotel room, you realize that you have no fork. And this particular dinner is in no way finger food.

Do you a) scrounge around for something to wear, drag yourself over to the front desk, and get a fork, b) turn the complimentary coffee stirrers that you do have into chopsticks, or c) say, "I may not have a fork, but I do have a sink" and use your fingers anyway?

Let's just say I didn't get a fork...

1 comment:

Lockwood said...

I know for sure I'd go with (c). My main irritation with non-finger food being eaten with fingers are those darned little cuts you get from the edges of the can. ; )