Thursday, May 14, 2009

hotel amenities

Earlier this year I mentioned in passing some of the hotel amenities I especially look for: internet and breakfast.

I’d like to revisit that topic: what are the reasonable hotel amenities that should be included in a standard hotel stay? I’m not including super-budget hotels (say, less than $50/night, although obviously this varies by location), long-term stay hotels, or luxury hotels, but rather places where a professional traveler would generally stay. I'm leaving out the obvious, like running water.

Here’s my list, in no particular order:

1. a reasonable selection of pillows (at least one flat pillow and one puffy pillow)
2. free or cheap internet (and not just at a single computer in the lobby)
3. shampoo AND conditioner
4. a continental breakfast with at least one item that has either protein or more complex carbs, (i.e. something more than just a selection of packaged donuts/pastry) so I’m not hungry again an hour later
5. the possibility of a fridge and microwave – one microwave down by the lobby is ok
6. at least one trash receptacle with a plastic liner in it
7. hangars for wet stuff or clothing that needs to be kept unwrinkled
8. a working alarm clock
9. a deadbolt

So there you have it, hotels: if you have all of the stuff in this list, you’re well on your way to making travelling professionals happy.


Ruben said...

Just out of curiosity, have you ever found all of this in one place?

Ruben Cardos - Hotel Searcher

Short Geologist said...

Not that I can recall...usually it's the conditioner that's missing.

C W Magee said...

Secure parking, so you don't have to unload the entire ute to prevent keep your swag from getting knicked.

Gold Coast Hotels said...

I think we should include hot and cold water. And at least 2 bottles drinking water, because when you have to drink vitamins and maintenance medicines.