Monday, December 20, 2010

just you wait

Last week, I took the elevator downstairs with a gaggle of women in their early 20s. One started to complain about being mistaken for a teenager. She said, "my mother promised that I will appreciate looking young once I hit 30..." but she left before I could tell her that not everybody will feel that way. Like me.

Prematurely gray hair runs in my family, but I missed that particular gene. I'm only starting to get gray hair, and it doesn't seem to change anyone's impression of my age. It's too bad - I would love to be distinguished rather than young. At least that way, I wouldn't have to work my actual age/experience into conversations with every single business contact I meet so that my opinions have a chance of being taken seriously.


Silver Fox said...

I've had the same problem over the years, and it seemed better for a while, as my looks somehow caught up with my experience. But now that I'm quite a bit older, the problem seems to perhaps be coming back again, with people 10 yrs younger than me thinking I have less experience than they do. I'm not quite sure how that happened. It may mean that I won't be pushed into retirement if I don't want to go, so that's the bright side.

Mike Sisk said...

I used to have that problem, too. In my case I grew a beard and it came in half-grey so I at least look my age nowadays.

Of course, there's a side-effect: I took my wife and daughter for ice cream not long ago and the guy behind the counter assumed they were both daughters. My wife got a kick out of that one...