Monday, December 13, 2010

12 months of accidental remediation

It's the end of the year. Time for the 12 months meme - what's the first line (and link to the post) for the first post of each month?

I've been tagged by Silver Fox, so here goes:

I had a spectacularly unproductive year, blogging-wise, so I'm stretching the rules a little. If I had a post that didn't say anything except for apologizing for being absent, I picked the next one. If I had a first line or two saying the same thing, I picked the next line.


Last year, I mentioned some resolutions. So how'd I do?


In the past I've had long-term field assignments in very small towns or very depressed areas; places with a minimal selection of places to eat.


Ok, I'm back! And boy, did I miss out on some geology-related stuff.


Every spring when it finally warms up and I get into the field, I think, gee, this weather's terrific!


In environmental consulting, most of the gear is paid for by the company: the equipment, the supplies, the use of a vehicle for fieldwork (or reimbursement for using your own - my least favorite option).


In her recent discussion of journal clubs, FSP mentions that she considers the process of dissecting a paper (not necessarily in a savage or overly negative way) to be a critical skill.


I'm still catching up on my blog reading, so this is a late response to Brazen Hussy's post about the disappointing result of her job search.


Here's my excuse for being AWOL: it's really frickin' hot out.


I seem to be on a scheduling kick in my recent posts, but I just read Isis's post about working hours for grad students and it reminded me of my own experience.


I'm in a motel room now, nursing a minor burn on my knee.


Chris Rowan is moving to the US, following his 3rd postdoc.


I got a new GPS with traffic avoidance software to replace the old Garmin, which lasted less than 2 years (that's a story for later).

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