Thursday, June 23, 2011

actual field locations

When your average person thinks of where geologists work, they often think of some sort of awesome landscape like this...(from here)

But this geologist has this exotic field site:
Hey, my commute is faster anyway.


Rachel said...

haha, such a good point. I feel like there's a tradeoff between different kinds of geology jobs... like if I were to keep doing what I'm doing in grad school and go into academia (which I'm not planning on) I would probably end up with a sweet-looking field site like that, but only get to go there once every year or two years.

for example, this is is my field site for my current research:

...but I only got to go there for a few weeks last summer and now I spend all my time working on MATLAB in a windowless cement block room. :)

Silver Fox said...

My "field area" has for the last 5+ years been mostly a small office or coreshed of varying dimensions shared with zero to six other geologists depending on year, day, and which project it was.

With occassional, and often but not always non-billable, excursions outside.