Tuesday, June 14, 2011

wikipedia meme

I'm a sucker for a silly meme. This is from Silver Fox:

“Click on the first link not in parentheses in any Wikipedia entry. Keep doing this and eventually, you end up at Philosophy."

So, let's see... pulling random terms from the closest work document at hand:


1. Landfill
2. waste
3. materials
4. matter
5. physical objects
6. physics
7. natural science
8. naturalistic
9. philosophical
10. philosophy

Ok, maybe not something physical. What about the U.S. EPA maximum contaminant levels for drinking water?

1. maximum contaminant level
2. standards
3. standardization
4. technical standards
5. norm
6. society
7. related
8. limerence (?)
9. psychologist
10. clinical professional
11. dysfunction
12. mental disorder
13. psychology
14. science
15. knowledge
16. which links to... (although not the first link)...philosophy!

Bouncing around wikipedia is a perfect way to waste time while waiting for our apple crisp to finish baking...


Anonymous said...

Found one that doesn't work: Beatles. You get into a loop that includes "language" and "meaning" and "Indo-European".

Anonymous said...

"Beatles" works now!